Drone Photoshoot

Drones. The world is now full of them. Amazon wants to deliver products with them. The Ambulance Service is exploring the idea of using them as first responders. And many people probably got one as a gift for the festival. 


However, before the hype and the news stories (good and bad), drones as we know them were created to record aerial video. Any cinematic production or high-quality advert will usually feature aerial video, as it is just so cool. With drones becoming safe, reliable, and able to shoot awesome 4K resolution videos, they are now used widely in the video production industry.

That magical aerial view

It might sound a bit obvious, but aerial footage gives audiences a view of your world that they would never normally get. Showing off the size of your premises, the wonderful surroundings you work in. It’s cinematic, exciting and can give even the most boring of buildings or objects the wow factor.

Play by the budget rules

Our drone can be prepped, GPS locked, and in the air recording within 10 mins in good weather. No need for expensive helicopters or hiring huge cranes. Drone footage is so much more cost-competitive compared with the alternatives. How much does it cost just to fill a helicopter with fuel?

Gets to places others can not

Up to 120 meters high and 500 meters away. That’s the distance our drone can travel. What does your business look like from 400 feet in the air?

Drones are so versatile, sweeping around and above buildings, through archways, over water, trees or terrain not easily accessible by foot. If space allows, we can even film indoors. Got a huge warehouse? let us fly in it. The aerial video gives your video production project footage you’d never normally be able to get.

It’s not just video footage

You don’t need a video? How about high-resolution photography instead?

Our drone doesn’t just film in glorious 4K video, we can simultaneously capture RAW format photography as we fly. So, if you have no need for video but would love some high-resolution photos of your business, the drone is just the thing and all the points above still apply.

It’s the future and it’s here to stay

Drones are here to stay. The law is getting tighter on how they are flown and managed but for us, it’s no problem. We are fully accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority, fully insured, and completely legal to carry out this type of work.

Aerial filming and photography are featuring more in all aspects of corporate video, so why not keep up with the latest trends and give your next video production project some cinematic wow?

If you’d like to know more about how drone filming can bring an awesome dimension to your corporate films, get in touch with our video production team.